Baghdad 5p Expo

IRAQ 5P EXPO - IRAQ 5P Baghdad Plastics, Petrochemicals, Printing, Packaging and Paper EXPO,Iraq is an emerging market for the manufacturers operating in the sectors of Plastic, Petrochemicals, Printing, Paper and Packaging. Baghdad 5P EXPO is an unique industrial trade event which will enable the most regional effectual sourcing industrial stakeholders in search for innovations and new technologies; creating unprecedented opportunities for world-wide producers to break-through the soaring growth of Iraq’s manufacturing sector.

It has the reach, expertise and attendee drawing power to target and attract thousands of qualified buyers and decision makers with full-purchasing authority.

Erbil 5p Expo

With a unique distinction as the most comprehensive congregation industrial trade exhibition all-around the Middle East; ERBIL 5P EXPO is absolutely the ultimate synergistic trading and technology exchange platform serving plastics, petrochemicals, printing, packaging and paper eager markets of Iraq and its emerging neighboring states all-at-a -time. .

Comprising five industry-focused spectacular trade events shimmering with unprecedented export opportunities; ERBIL 5P EXPO is the most comprehensive industrial trade event unveiling brand-new formats and cross-industry concepts and technologies to a dynamic rapidly-growing business environment.

  • Why Visit?
  • Visitor Profile

• See high quality goods as well as goods of middle and low price segments.
• Explore new products, new ideas and new technologies to fuel the growth of your company or your life standard.
• To discuss business needs in a neutral environment.
• Benefit from a unique opportunity to come face to face with local & international market players in both home textile & house ware sector.
• To discuss and research on specific product and its terms, conditions or pricing.

Visitor Profile by Sector
• Advertising
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Furniture
• Pharmaceuticals
• Printing
• Plastics
• Packaging
• Petrochemicals
• Paper & Paperboard
• Chemicals
• Oil & Gas
• Food and Beverage
• Construction
• Electronics
• Household Products
• Leisure
• Medical
• Media

Visitor Profile
• Businessmen
• Investors
• Trade Agents
• Buyers & Sellers
• Dealers
• Distributors
• Factory and Store owners
• Importers & Exporters
• Government Officials
• Industry Specialists & Professionals
• Manufacturers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Merchants
• Retailers/Wholesalers
• Trade Associations

  • Why Exhibit?
  • Exhibitor Profile

- Tracking the latest technology trends and ensuring that strategic planning is on- the right path.
- Staying ahead of competitors.
- Gaining inspiration and ideas through interacting with major industry players, disruptors and visionaries.
- Driving value in to the shaping of marketing approach.
- Meeting a cross-section of the region’s top qualified buyers.
- Benchmarking against the key industrial machinery manufacturers.
- Discovering how competitors are changing their traditional approach to ensure that their offerings exceed expectations.
- Connecting with like-minded progressive strategic partners.
- Building relationships with current and prospective clients, partners and suppliers.
- Taking away new ideas, insights and knowledge out of the comprehensive content.
- Finding out about the most exciting start-ups and technologies that could be pre-arranged for new markets.
- Educating customers with publications and audio-visual materials.

The wide spectrum of IRAQ 5P BAGHDAD EXPO covers five impressive core industry exhibitions;

IRAQ 5P BAGHDAD International Exhibition for Plastic Industries, Products and Technologies.
• Raw Materials, Polymers, Resins & Components
• Machinery & Equipment for Plastics & Rubber industries
• Agriculture and Irrigation Necessities
• Sanitary-ware, Pipes & Hoses
• Feeding Industries & Engineering Plastics
• Household Products
• Packaging & Containers
• Film Applications
• Flexible Packaging
• Fittings
• Recycling Machinery
• Ancillary Equipment
• Thermo Plastics
• Additives
• Plastic Machinery Parts & Components
• Plastic Recycling Technologies
• Plastic Filtering Systems
• Plastic Blow Moulds
• Pet Bottle Moulds
• Injection Moulds
• Plastic Products

BAGHDAD PETROCHEMICALS International Exhibition for Petrochemical and Chemical Industries, Products and Technologies:
• Adhesive Chemicals
• Agrochemicals
• Biocides
• Chemical Engineering Equipment & Automation Equipment
• Chemical Mines
• Dyestuffs & Pigments
• Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals
• Fine & Specialty Chemicals
• Fine Chemicals & Chemicals for Special Purpose
• Food Chemicals
• Organic & In-organic Chemical Raw Materials
• Paint, Ink & Sealant Chemicals
• Paper Chemicals
• Petrochemical Equipment, Products & Technologies
• Petrochemicals & Processing
• Soap & Detergent chemicals
• Water Treatment Chemicals

BAGHDAD PRINTING International Exhibition for Printing Industries, Products and Technologies:
• Offset Printing Plates
• Printing Cylinders
• Printing Auxiliary
• Press Agencies
• Printing Supplies Agencies
• Metal Laser Engraving
• Laser Die Cutting
• Used Press (Imported)
• Printing Software
• Printing Services
• Self-Adhesive Tapes & Materials
• International Printing Equipment
• Manufacturers
• Pre-Owned Printing Equipment
• Suppliers
• Graphic Art Suppliers
• Printing Plates & Films
• Offset Printing
• Silk Screen Printing
• Outdoor Digital Printing
• Flexible & Non Flexible Packaging
• Printing & Materials
• Corrugated Carton
• Tinplate Printing
• Souvenir Wrapping Paper

BAGHDAD PACKAGING International Exhibition for Packaging and Packing Industries, Products and Technologies:
• Automatic Packing Line / Conveyors
• Bagging/ Sealing & Strapping
• Packaging Materials & Supplies
• Bloom Stamping & Baling
• Bottle Filling
• Capping & Over-Capping
• Cartooning Technology
• Filling/ Conveying/ Dosing
• Packaging Machines
• Packaging Devices
• Packaging Appliances
• Packaging Materials
• Packaging Aids
• Packaging Services

BAGHDAD PAPERS International Exhibition for Paper Industries, Products and Technologies:
• Carbonless Paper
• Coated Art Paper & Board
• Converted Papers
• Craft Paper
• Packaging Paper
• Photo Paper
• Recycled Paper
• Specialty Paper
• Sticker Paper
• Uncoated Paper
• Waste Paper
• Wrapping Paper
• Adhesives and Other Paper
• Chemicals
• Functional Paper Chemicals
• Paper Process Chemicals
• Pollution Control Equipment



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